Telegram Chat Rules

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Telegram Chat Rules

Post by nejthefroggie on Sat May 14, 2016 9:25 pm

**Please read these rules before participating in the Telegram group! Thanks!**

1. Keep swearing to a minimum; The F-curse and stronger terms are not allowed at any time.

2. Talking about body- and sex-related topics is okay, as long as the topic is not sexually suggestive in nature.

3. Use respectful language; if you didn't realize a word or statement you made was less than respectful and someone brings it up with you, please listen to them, apologize and adjust accordingly.

4. Please don't delete your comments; this can disrupt the flow of conversation. An admin will delete the comment, with acknowledgement, if it is deemed to be in violation of the chat rules.

5. If you notice someone breaking a rule or who is otherwise making you uncomfortable, please first try to calmly resolve the issue with the involved individuals directly. If you feel unable to do this for any reason, please contact an admin privately and explain the situation.

6. These rules are not exhaustive and may be amended at admin discretion


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