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Rules (Read This!)

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:32 pm

This group exists as a safe space where trans/nonbinary furries can come together to discuss openly on any topic we choose (provided the topic is respectful and PG-13). In order to maintain a friendly, welcoming, 'anything goes' atmosphere, there are a few rules of conduct listed below. These rules are not meant to be all-encompassing, and may be added to at any time as the admins see fit. Those who violate one or more of these rules will be subject to a warning and an explanation of what led to the warning, or for repeated and/or severe violations, suspension or removal. We hope to not have to enforce these rules too often! If you have questions about the rules, or anything else to do with your participation in the forum, please feel free to PM any mod or admin at any time! Smile  

1. Be Respectful! This is a safe space for transgender/non-binary people in furry fandom. As such, any transphobia will not be tolerated. Recognizing that many people have intersecting identities, discrimination against others based on race, mental and physical ability,  sexual orientation, asexual status, or otherkin status are also not permitted. A good rule of thumb is, other people know more about their own identities than you do, so be kind and accepting!

2. If you are called out, please listen. As pointed out in the first rule above, others know more about their own identities than you do. This means they know what is harmful to them! If someone points out that something you said was harmful, you can ask questions to gain a better understanding, but please don't try to argue that you know better than them. Please edit your posts to remove the harmful language, especially when requested to do so by a moderator.

3. NO flaming, spamming, swearing, graphically violent, or sexual content. This discussion board is rated PG-13 and is intended for thoughtful, constructive discussion and positive chat. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

4. Off-topic threads will be moved to the appropriate section. Please try to stay on topic, according to the section of the board you are posting in. If you object to your thread being moved, please PM a moderator or admin and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Please note however that the moderators reserve the right to have final say on the matter.

~The Moderators


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